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  • 中油亚虎娱乐亚博专注于固压装备设计、生产、制造、服务12年经验, 以油田专用设备制造及配件销售为基础, 打造油田经典品牌。




    About us


    Petrokh is a leading oilfield equipment provider in China founded in 2006. At the forefront of equipment manufacturing and environmental protection, technical service and brand marketing in oil & gas industry, Petrokh's mission is to become a globally competitive energy equipment supplier and service operator focused on providing our clients with high-efficient and sustainable integrated solutions.

  • 2006

    Founded in 2006

  • 60+

    60+ Patents

  • 100000㎡

    100,000 ㎡ Covering area

  • $63million

    Annual Output of $63million

  • Oilfield Equipment


    Petokh is a leading petroluem equipment provider in China that masters complete set technology of oil & gas situmaltion and shale gas fracturing solutions.


    5 Major Branches and Clients from 17cities, 11 countries all over the world

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